mplayer: Play video file

DVD compliant .mpg file:
mplayer /mythtv/ll_20060721_ff-dvd.mpg -monitoraspect 16:9 -vo xv -ao alsa:device=digital2c -aid 128 -fs

mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdb /cdrom
mplayer p101.vob -fs -zoom -monitoraspect 16:9 -vo xv -ao
alsa:device=digital2c -aid 128

mplayer dvd://1 -dvd-device /dev/hdb -fs -zoom -monitoraspect 16:9 -vo xv -ao alsa:device=hw=0.0

mplayer dvd:// -dvd-device %d -fs -zoom -monitoraspect 16:9 -vo xv -ao
alsa:device=hw=1.0 -alang en

# Play a ripped dvd from hard drive.
mplayer dvd://1 -dvd-device /dvd/test/ -vo xv -ao alsa:device=digital2c -aid 128

# Play xvid file.
mplayer /mythtv/video/test_xvid.avi -vo xv -ao alsa:device=digital2c -fs -zoom

# Play hipix file.
mplayer CH 11-1.ts.0001 -vo xv -ao alsa:device=digital2c -fs -zoom -monitoraspect 16:9

Met Jerry Rice at Go Kart Racing

I met Jerry Rice when one of our work offsites was at the indoor go-cart racing track (Burlingame). The track manager asked us if it would be ok if he raced in our heats, we said sure.  It turned out that Jerry’s schedule was running behind, so we did our races and met up with him afterwards.  Gave him some pointers on how to race these carts. There were some video crew and another guy that looked like a pro player (seemed to be Jerry’s friend; and I talked about expensive sports cars with him as he owns a few). Oh, and the 49er cheerleaders. Jerry was there for some “#1 fan” promotion organized by Fox or some other media company.  7/17/2006.

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Donn and Jerry Rice

Those racing suits look like crap (as does my hair after carting).

Phil Gordon at Annual Picnic


Donn and Phil Gordon (photo: Shirley)

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Today at our annual picnic, they held a freeroll poker tournament for prizes. The surprise: Phil Gordon flew-in from the WSOP to provide live commentary for our tournament. Damn he works hard. He was up until 5am the night before (calling the WSOP final table for ESPN), arrived by Noon for our tournament, and called hands from start to end.

Light-heartedly and out-of-the-blue, I asked him "How much they pay you to do this gig?".  ‘course like a true pro, he wouldn’t say. In a jovial voice, he quipped, "Come on, I enjoy doing this for free".

A Georgia Tech grad, Gordon started a company called Netsys that was bought by Cisco for a cool $96 million. When I worked at Cisco, I went to the Netsys office in Palo Alto a few times. Not sure if I ran into him then; wouldn’t remember that. His big event win was the WPT Season 2 Shooting Star at Bay 101 ($360,000). At the 2005 WSOP he placed 3rd and 8th in two events for $75K and $66K.  At the 2006 WSOP, he earned $20K over two events… and worked the camera for ESPN.

He’s a class act and funny as hell. I placed 3rd at my table after my K7 was busted by Q3. It was a two-tier tourney format (winner of each table move on to the final). We had these amateur dealers who weren’t great at adding chips and splitting off sidepots.  Phil had to help them to keep the tourney moving quickly.  "Trust me, I’m a professional" he said when the dealer seemed to double-check his math. Ha! Did she have any idea who he is?


Phil Gordon’s autograph

I got a free copy of his DVD after the tournament. Watched it once; will watch it again. Thumbs up.

More info on Phil Gordon’s DVD (


I got a copy of Phil’s DVD. Pretty good!

Other pics with famous people

Phil Hellmuth’s house

 Dr. River sent me Phil Hellmuth’s address.  I was just driving by the other day. Next time I should be polite and at least stop briefly to say hello.

Born 1964
1101 University Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301


Phil Hellmuth house (Click to toggle enlarge/shrink)