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Donn's book (Donald C. Lee, Cisco Press/Macmillan)

Donn Lee: Enhanced IP Services for Cisco Networks, ISBN 1578701066



4.5 out of 5.0 stars

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Enhanced IP Services for Cisco Networks
A practical resource for deploying quality of service, security, IP routing and VPN services.Enhanced IP Services for Cisco Networks is a guide to the new enabling and advanced IOS services that build more scalable, intelligent, and secure networks. Networking professionals will gain an understanding of services that help networks support more users, more locations, and more applications. You will learn the technical details necessary to deploy Quality of Service and VPN technologies, as well as improved security and advanced routing features. These services will allow you to extend the network to new frontiers securely, protect your network from attacks, and enhance network transport with application-level prioritization.Donald Lee (Donn Lee) provides a useful and instructive breakdown of each enhanced service: what it is, why you need it, how it works, how to deploy it, how to validate it. This book offers a practical guide to implementing IPsec, the IOS Firewall, and IOS Intrusion Detection System. Also included are advanced routing principles and Quality of Service features that focus on improving the capability of your network. A good briefing on cryptography fully explains the science that makes VPNs possible. Rather than being another routing book, this is a guide to improving your network’s capabilities by understanding and using the sophisticated features available to you in Cisco’s IOS software.

  • Understand VPN security concepts: confidentiality, integrity, origin authentication, non-repudiation, anti-replay, perfect forward secrecy
  • Deploy Quality of Service technologies to protect your mission-critical applications
  • Find out how IPsec technology works and how to configure it in IOS
  • Learn how to set up a router as a firewall and intrusion detection system
  • Gain efficient use of your IP address space with NAT, VLSM, IP unnumbered
  • Solve real-world routing problems with redistribution, route filtering, summarization, policy routing
  • Enable Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) security services with RADIUS and TACACS+ servers

This book is a part of the Cisco Press Core Series that offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.

Author’s Bio

Donald C. Lee (CCIE #3262) is a Senior Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems. A graduate of UCLA’s electrical engineering program, Donald has more than eight years of experience in the networking industry. He is currently responsible for designing, implementing and troubleshooting network solutions for several of Cisco’s largest Fortune 500 customers.

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More from Usenet messages:

Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 09:05:15 -0600
From: CCIE8122 <>
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: Cisco reference book

>> I’m new to Cisco crypto and want to learn more on crypto map,
>>building router to router vpn. Can anyone advise any good reference
>>book for me ? I search on the web, not many books on the list….
Enhanced IP Services by Donald Lee is pretty good place to start.

That would be my pick too. That was what I read for a crash course in
IOS VPN the night before I did a VPN consulting gig with no practical
experience whatever.

Saved my bacon.


From: Hansang Bae <>
Subject: Re: Material for config IPsec on Cisco Router 827
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 05:24:36 GMT

In article <yECra.78166$>, says…
> Someone can tell me some link or book
> where to find good material for studing
> configuration of IPSec on Cisco router 827 (ADSL)
> Any suggestion will be appreciate.

Enhanced IP Services by Donald Lee. It has an excellent chapters on
IPSec configuration.


From: “Russell Baker” <>
Subject: Re: EVODD-DQOS (Cisco IP Telephony Design Specialist)
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 20:15:30 -0000
Message-ID: <b2rft8$at5$1$>

> Anyone know of the recommended reading for EVODD and DQOS?

I attended an IPT Seminar at Cisco UK just before Christmas, and I asked the
presenter if he knew what would be the best material to study for this. His
reply was that he was acting as a technical reviewer for Ciscopress for that
very book, he then showed me some of the chapter that he was currently

So to sum up some time soon. Otherwise Ciscopress do an IP Quality of
Service book and there are a couple of Chapters in Enhanced IP Services for
Cisco Networks



In article <>, says…
> Anything that has good step-by-step info on lock-and-key access and/or
> IPSec really.

The earlier suggestion for the former. Enhanced IP Services by Donald Lee
for the latter.

While the first book has a chapter on IPSec, the Lee book is much better.

> Enhanced IP Services by Donald Lee for the latter.

I’ll second that. I got thrown into the fire on a consulting gig where
they had VPN all over the place, I had no book or practical knowledge of
IPSec. Read the IPSec section of this book several times, and I was
very prepared.

By the way, Enhanced IP Services by Donald Lee has some EXCELLENT chapters
on IPSec. If you read this book and can’t get basic IPSec up and running,
you need to look for a different career! <g>

> Does any one know really good VPN Book for Cisco router

Enhanced IP Services is a good one to start with. It’s not a VPN only
book, but covers the topic of IPSec, ISAKMP, etc. very well.

> Took and passed the MCast + QoS today, so have completed my CCIP
> Security. However, I felt that my QoS skills weren’t as sharp as
> possible, so would like some links/hints etc. to further reading for the
> Cisco QoS.
> I used the following for the exam:
> – Ciscopress: IP Quality of Service
> – Ciscopress: Enhanced IP Services for Cisco Networks
> Cheers,
> –Gareth

I really don’t think that “you’re in good shape” means that you’re actually
ready to take the exam. In fact, Hansang has posted his recommended reading
list in the past… hmmm… I think it’s here somewhere… aha!

1. Jeff Doyle: Routing TCP/IP (both volumes).
2. Tanenbaum: Computer Networks.
3. Caslow: Cisco Certifications (bridges, routers and switches)
4. Donald Lee: Enhanced IP Services
5. Nam-Tan Kee: Configuring Cisco Routers for Bridging DLSw+
and Desktop Protocols
6. Slattery/Burton: Advanced IP Routing in Cisco Networks
7. Rudenko: Cisco Routers for IP Routing
8. Clark/Hamilton: Cisco LAN Switching
9. Perlman: Interconnections, Second Edition, Bridges/Routers/Switches
10. Willamson: Developing IP Multicast Networks: Definitive Guide…
11. Comer: Internetworking with TCP/IP.
12. Halabi: Internet Routing Architecture

to start…and no, I’m not joking.

I really like the Enhanced IP Services for Cisco Networks by Donald
Lee. If you can wait a couple weeks my book will be available too.

John Kaberna

> I have done IPSec ESP DES on a 3620 connecting back to back to a second
> router and then via ethernet to a third. Middle middle router is “unsecure
> Internet” as a Lab setup.. There is no problem. The best overview is in a
> wonderful book:
> Enhanced IP Services for cisco networks (ISBN: 1578701066).