Guardline outdoor motion sensors with Home Assistant (via MQTT)

The Guardline (GL) receiver (aka hub, aka RX) has only one NC/NO contact. You can assign all four zones to the NC/NO contact, but you will not be able to distinguish among the zones. That sucks. So…

Taking an idea from @specsix in the HA community forums, I wired the four LEDs in the GL RX, plus Ground, to GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi. The Pi reads the high/low state of each led (approx. 2.6V) and my python code fires MQTT messages to communicate those events to Home Assistant.

Disassembly/opening the GL RX: Three small phillips screws are easy to find on the bottom. The 4th screw is behind a label. On the label is a cartoon of DIP switches 5,6,7,8. The screwhole is near “8 SELECT”.

Here are the solder points for each of the four LEDs, plus Ground.

NOTE: this VOIDS your warranty and support, and you can end up with a destroyed GL RX.

NOTE: I have the 500-foot-range version. If you have the 1/4-mile version, your device will be completely different.

Zone4 (blue), Zone1 (purple), Ground (grey) soldered to BATT negative
Zone2 (yellow)
Zone3 (teal)

Above are the “hard” parts of the project, so I documented it first. Feel free to contact me or comment below if I should add more details.

Guardline connected to Raspberry Pi GPIO pins. Mounted with 3M “Command” hooks and picture frame hangers
3M picture frame hanging strips