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HET FA-18 Hornet EDF stats:

  • Video of the maiden flight 1/19/2007
  • HET 2W-20 brushless motor (specs)
  • HET 6904 fan (was: Wemotec Mini Fan 480)
  • Castle Creations Phoenix 60 ESC
  • Electron 6 receiver (Ch1: R servo, Ch2: L servo, Ch3: ESC, Ch6: UBEC) [3/2007]
  • OrangeRX DSM2 receiver, installed 12/2010, replaces Electron6
  • Kool Flight UBEC
  • Thunder Power 4S 1P 3300mAh lipo battery (Extreme series)
  • Hitec HS-81MG (metal) servos
  • 3.5mm bullet connectors (ESC–motor)
  • 3M exterior mounting tape (double-sided) for servo mounts
  • Bolt size for taileron axle collar: M3-0.5 20 (20mm long), from OSH
  • Blue loctite (removable type) for screws
  • 30 minute epoxy for wings, tailerons, vert stabs, tail cone.
  • "Formula 560" canopy glue by Pacer for canopy and nose cone
  • 9" wide plastic folder for thrust tube, OfficeDepot (tapered to 60mm diam exhaust)
  • Deans "Wet Noodle" 12-gauge wires for wiring harness
  • Hangar 9 Ultracote "Midnight Blue" covering ("Oracover Dunkelblau" printed on back)
  • BB lost model alarm (from eBay), added 12/2010
  • 4mm diam. carbon fiber tube wing spars, right wing repair (5 min epoxy) 12/2010. Crash happened sometime between late-May and mid-June 2007 (from looking at my rcgroups postings).
  • 40.2 oz AUW (3/2007)
  • 44,000 RPM
  • 720W continuous (50A), 1/2007 maiden preflight
  • 826W peak (with HET 6904 fan)
  • Radar clocked at 109 mph 2/16/2007 (video)

XE2 Flying Wing

XE2 stats:

  • Combat Wings 4-spar kit
  • JustGoFly 400DF brushless motor (400DF specs)
  • APC 5.25 x 4.75 prop
  • JustGoFly M5 aluminum slim-style collet
  • JustGoFly pusher motor mount, aluminum
  • 3.5mm bullet connectors (ESC–motor)
  • Castle Creations Phoenix 25 ESC
  • Thunder Power 3S 2200mAh 25C lipo battery
  • Hitec Electron 6 dual-conversion receiver
  • Hitec HS-311 standard-sized servos (to help add weight to nose)
  • 3M bidirectional strapping tape ("Extreme" type)
  • Solite covering on the bottom.
  • Trick RC colored tape on the top.
  • Trick R/C Tape Hinge on top of ailerons (3M Gift Tape on bottom of ailerons)
  • Great Planes segmented lead weights
  • 3M 77 spray glue
  • Gorilla glue and low-temp hot melt glue for joining wing cores.
  • Radar clocked at 74 mph


F-18 Foamy

GWS Formosa

PicooZ (aka PiccoZ) indoor helicopter:

  • Twist tail boom clockwise for more forward flight (when viewed from the rear).
  • After flight, let battery cool for 10-15 minutes before recharging.
  • Never over discharge lipo battery.

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