tuya-convert: BN-LINK BNC-60/U133TJ Wifi Smart Plugs


ATTENTION: UPDATE 2020/11/17: Users are reporting that recently shipped BNC-60 smartplugs are no longer tuya-convert’able.

These are harder to flash OTA than other ESP8266 devices. This guide assumes you already know the normal tuya-convert process.

Final goal (July 2020): tasmota.bin 8.3.1

Run ./start_flash.sh

If prompted, answer ‘y’ (yes) as necessary to terminate dnsmasq, mosquitto, etc.

When prompted connect Android (not iOS) smartphone to vtrust-flash ssid; because iOS will disconnect from the ssid when it detects there’s no actual Internet access.

Script says: “Press ENTER to continue”

Connect BN-LINK smart plug to AC power.


Wait 1 second (1s).

WITHIN 3 SECONDS, hold BNC-60 power button for about 7s, and release when led blinks red (blinks about 2 times). After about 2s you should see led flashing blue (fast blinking), and then after ~20s led will be steady blue.

Then script will output a row of dots that’s longer than previous row of dots:

Starting smart config pairing procedure

Waiting for the device to install the intermediate firmware

Put device in EZ config mode (blinking fast)

Sending SSID                  vtrust-flash

Sending wifiPassword

Sending token                 00000000

Sending secret                0101


SmartConfig complete.

Resending SmartConfig Packets


SmartConfig complete.

Resending SmartConfig Packets


Then error (below) usually appears, and that’s OK. You may get lucky* and the error won’t appear (it’ll just proceed per normal tuya-convert process).

*It seems that doing those “WITHIN 3 SECONDS” steps (above) quickly enough is the best chance of getting lucky.

SmartConfig complete.

Resending SmartConfig Packets


Device did not appear with the intermediate firmware

Check the *.log files in the scripts folder

Do you want to try flashing another device? [y/N]

After you see the error, say “n” (no) to return to shell.

Android smartphone will disconnect from vtrust-flash ssid because the tuya-convert AP was torn-down.

Disconnect BNC-60 from AC power.

You should see gwId lines in the log (this is progress):

pi@raspberrypi:~/tuya-convert $ cat scripts/smarthack-web.log | grep gwId

GET /gw.json?a=s.gw.token.get&et=1&gwId=12345678904f22bf16d3&other={"token":"00000000","region":"US","tlinkStat":{"configure":"smartconfig","time":1,"source":"ap","path":"broadcast"}}&t=7&v=3.0&sign=98765432157018e229a15811f3d99a7a

[I 200708 06:59:05 web:2250] 200 GET /gw.json?a=s.gw.token.get&et=1&gwId=12345678904f22bf16d3&other={"token":"00000000","region":"US","tlinkStat":{"configure":"smartconfig","time":1,"source":"ap","path":"broadcast"}}&t=7&v=3.0&sign=98765432157018e229a15811f3d99a7a ( 46.31ms


Restart the script:


Now, on the 2nd pass, when it prompts you to connect a smartphone to vtrust-flash ssid, DO NOT connect anything to the vtrust-flash ssid.

It says, “Press ENTER to continue”

Hit the ENTER key and then quickly plug-in the BNC-60 to AC power. Do not press any buttons on the BNC-60.

This time you’ll see:

Fetching firmware backup

with downloading progress.

and then:

Available options:
  0) return to stock
  1) flash espurna.bin
  2) flash tasmota.bin
  q) quit; do nothing
Please select 0-2:

At this point, you’re back to a normal tuya-convert flow.

Pick your choice “1” or “2”.  Eg. I’m using tasmota.bin so “2”.

and it’ll complete normally.

On the BNC-60, the red LED will blink super-fast when it is flashing tasmota.bin.


8 thoughts on “tuya-convert: BN-LINK BNC-60/U133TJ Wifi Smart Plugs”

  1. Do you know if this still works? I just (Sept 16 2020) got a 4 pack of the BNC-60/U133TJ and cannot get them to flash. I know tuya has been preloading some devices with an updated firmware that doesn’t work with tuya-convert. You seem to be one of the few people who have done it. I’ve followed your directions multiple times with no luck. 😜
    Do you think tuya changed the firmware on these plugs in the past two months?

      1. How likely is it that these will work? I ordered some on Black Friday without doing my research first and now deciding if I want to return them or not.

  2. I just recently bought these from Amazon in November, and when trying to follow this process, it keeps performing “Resending SmartConfig Packets” and eventually quits.

    Like @Ben said, I seem to get an SSL error on smarthack-psk.log:

    new client on port 443 from
    could not establish sslpsk socket: [SSL: NO_SHARED_CIPHER] no shared cipher (_ssl.c:1056)

    I know this client isn’t my other WiFi device (ESP8266) because on the serial output it got a different IP address from the vtrust-flash SSID.

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